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Southwestern Rug Decorating Tips

March 12, 2018

I don’t just see a room, I see a home. However, when my family and I first moved in it was just a house. Through decoration, we have made it the home that it is today. We have come across decoration items that we love and have incorporated them inside the walls of our home. Now, it’s not an empty plain house, it’s a place to admire and a place that feels like our own. Decoration matters because it can transform a space from plain and even boring to a place that brings happiness and a feeling of peace.

Southwestern Home Decor Is More About Just Adding Furniture

I have watched so many home improvement shows and the results are always wonderful. The people’s reactions after the revealing of their house improvement, of them seeing how well decoration has transformed their homes into something beautiful is always amazing. One quick and easy way to add Southwestern style to your home is by dropping  intricate Southwestern style rugs on your flooring. A simple flower vase, art canvas or rug can bring life to a room. In history, we see so much art and decoration. Through decoration is how we are able to sense a feeling when we see a picture of a place. We are able to compare decoration from before and now and notice how much style has changed. We are also able to incorporate older styles of decoration into modern ones and bring something completely new to life. Decoration even matters in business. A well-decorated business place attracts the eyes of clients. Walking into a good atmosphere, a well-decorated place matters because it’ll give the business a greater chance of people coming back aside from it feeling plain and unwelcoming. Decoration will always matter in my life. It’s the way I make a place feel like my own. Whenever I buy a new decoration piece for my home, it always feels refreshing and it, of course, grabs the attention of my guests which is a plus.

Looking at society today and myself, the decor is part of everyone’s lives whether they realize it or not. We find that decor is the best way to express oneself. We have historic ways of people many years ago that showed that they themselves had styles of decor. We all have favorite colors and styles and every day, we go out wearing clothes and attire that fit our nature as is decor is a big part of how we act today in society with everyone having the ability to express their flair. Decor also is what is appealing to one’s eyes, almost like how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You could even say decor also applies to. The technology we hold. Decor has no limits to what we have and can do.

Looking at civilizations of the past you find that everyone had their own sense of style. Egyptians were pyramids and hieroglyphics, Aztecs with their own stone styled pyramids, Native Americans with skins from hunted animals to make houses or tents. Another example of how during the Renaissance era, religion was a very big part of the decor, art, and writing. People have always found to use what they have on hand to use to their advantage for either vanity or actual purpose, most of the time both.

Looking at, ourselves we can see that we express certain fashion styles that best appeal to our personality. We wear many designs and fabrics that make us classy, cool, smooth, and bizarre even! People even judge decor if it is in the style of today as ways to see if they can analyze our personality traits. This also applies when we invite a guest to our home. We clean and make sure it sets everything just right for the guest we host. To make sure we catch their eye or have a comfortable and sanity environment to gaze and give positive feedback.

There is even decor in the technology at our fingertips. We personalize our computers and phones with wallpapers and backgrounds, accessories, and specs. In a way, you can say it’s the home inside our phones. We organize the style however we feel most appealing, comfortable, or useful to our needs and wants. No one would think we would have decor on the things we use every day to communicate and work in business offices but here we are in modern age designing computer and phones with these innovated styles. Decor is often overlooked and we take advantage of what it offers. If we didn’t have decor we would have everything bland and the same. No color or culture to shape our character. No expression of self. Decor is after all art.