Natural Fiber Area Rugs
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Natural Fiber Area Rugs

April 22, 2018

When you want to add an area rug to your home, the material it is made of is as important a factor as the style of rug that you choose.  There is no shortage of area rugs made up of synthetic materials but what if you want something that is made up of natural materials.  There are plenty of rugs you can get made up of natural materials and they will vary a great deal in price and durability.  There are fairly affordable bamboo rugs, but if you want wool or some type of antique Persian rug then that is going to cost you a whole lot more.  Here are some natural fiber area rugs.


If you have a large family and kids trekking in and out of your home then durable area rugs are what you need.  Rugs in high traffic areas like your family room or living room won’t take long to show wear and tear.  Bamboo is an all-natural material that is both highly durable and relatively inexpensive to buy.  You can use it in entry ways or living/family rooms and it will last for years.  It can endure muddy feet and grape juice spills with no problem and it is relatively easy to clean.

Pieces of Art

There are other rugs that you buy because they are pieces of art and you put them in areas that don’t see lots of traffic.  You can get a Persian or a wool rug for a study or a living room that is really only used during special occasions.   These rugs are unique in appearance and you can use them to add color to your room.  The can set off an intimate conversation area in a big room.  Bear in mind that these types of rugs are high maintenance, they should be kept from direct sunlight and you will have to have them cleaned on occasion.

Natural Elements

Natural elements can definitely add to the beauty of your home.  You can play around with different colors and textures when it comes to area rugs.  Natural materials are hypoallergenic, so these are perfect for allergy sufferers.  No matter your decorating scheme you can find an area rug to match, whether you prefer French country, a western theme or ultramodern chic.  Check out your local interior design store or online for some beautiful area rugs that would work perfectly in your home.

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